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david m. bailey: News/Video

Official David M. Bailey Facebook Page Launched!

"Laughter from the Well" Released - April 15, 2011

Stephen Mccutchan: Laughter From The Well

Laughter From the Well

comedy by Stephen McCutchan and
music by David Bailey and Bryan McFarland

Seventy minutes of humorous sketches and encouraging musical reflections on the challenges of ministry, recently released and now available!  See David's blog for more information about this great collection of comedy and music!

Visit on Facebook at!/laughterfromthewell

WaterMarked Released! - April 6, 2011


David M. Bailey: WaterMarked

The highly anticipated WaterMarked has been released and is now available! 

A collection of David's last remaining recordings are offered to you on WaterMarked.  David believed that he was marked for the task of sharing hope, faith and love -- and had a deep, personal need for Living Water.  May these songs be a blessing to you.

David intentionally left an income for his family through his CD's.  In honor of that legacy, the WaterMarked CD project was designed and funded by numerous friends to benefit David's children's education fund.  As always, WaterMarked is available at


Coming Soon! A New David M. Bailey CD! - February 26, 2011



WaterMarked, a collection of David's last remaining recordings, will be released in March. 

David wrote prolifically the last several years of his life; he still felt that he had so much to share . . .  He worked hard to get some of these latest songs performed and recorded.  We would like to offer those to you on WaterMarked.  Having spent most of his childhood along the Mediterranean Sea, David had an intrinsic love of water.  Having lived a life of faith, he had a deep need for Living Water. 

David intentionally left an income for his family through his CD's.  In honor of that legacy, the WaterMarked CD project was designed and funded by numerous friends to benefit David's children's education fund.  Watch and wait for the offical release date!  As always, WaterMarked will be available at


Peter Mayer Group Plays Tribute to David M. Bailey in Special Concert - February 9, 2011

COLUMBUS, OH Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Peter Mayer, widely known as the lead guitarist for Jimmy Buffett’s, Coral Reefer Band, will be in concert in Columbus, Ohio on March 5, 2011.

The Peter Mayer Group will perform a special show, entitled, “What Will Your Chapter Be?” honoring and featuring some of the music of David M. Bailey. David was a brilliant songwriter and captivating performer, who moved audiences with his story of personal courage in the face of terminal cancer. On October 2, 2010, David’s chapter closed when he lost his battle with cancer, however, his message combined with Peter’s message remind us that we, too, have a responsibility to fill our own pages and write our own chapters. This performance will reconnect you to the lifting beauty reflected through David and Peter’s music; it will move and inspire you; and it will encourage you to consider what your gift might be.

Joining Peter Mayer on tour are a group of world-class eclectic musicians. They are percussionist R. Scott Bryan, bassist Marc Torlina, pianist Chris Walters, and Maggie Estes on violin and mandolin. Their repertoires span several genres of music and entertainment including Sheryl Crow, Barbara Mandrell, Buddy Spicher, Chris Ledoux, and Alabama to name a few.

Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
2300 Lytham Rd.
Columbus, OH US 43220

Showtime: 7:30 pm.

Tickets may be purchased at:

For more information, please call: 1-614-562-2793 or 1-614-778-6668.

Don't miss this very special and inspirational evening of music!


Remembering David Bailey - January 7, 2011

Remembering David Bailey ‘84
By Mark Barnes ‘83
(from The Diaspora Potrezebie, Alumni Newsletter of the American Community School of Beirut, Lebanon, Vol. XXXII, No. 4, Dec. 2010)

     David Bailey was a good guy.  He was a grade behind me.  I first remember being aware of him when we got back to ACS (American Community School, Beirut, Lebanon) in 1977 after “the” war.  I was in 7th grade and he was a lowly 6th grader.  As I progressed through the grades, he, strangely, was always a year behind me.  And while my class was known for feats such as . . . not having very many people, the year behind us always seemed to have a lot of character.  David was one of those character-y people.
     There are many stories to tell about David.  Such as the fact that he was one of many that took Paul Frantz’s guitar class, but as far as I know the only one to stick with it and become a professional guitarist.  He and Vaira Harik ’83 always won the badminton tournament.  He could sing and play guitar at the same time.  He played first base on the softball team.  He was good at the long jump but not at the high jump.  But I will talk about basketball.
     David may have been a good guitarist, but while he was learning guitar he was an even better basketball player.  I started playing basketball in 8th grade, and so I started playing with a team consisting primarily of David’s class.  The school was small.  Basketball try-outs basically consisted of raising your hand.  That first year, I don’t think anyone on the tem had played organized basketball before.  Technically, we were the Junior Varsity team because there was a team of older players called the Varsity team.  I am sure we played several games that year but I believe the first game was against IC (International College), the dreaded rivals across the street.  At the time, IC was approximately 10 times the size of ACS, and so their JV team was the second string of the varsity team.  I believe I saw some of them in the locker room shaving before the game, but then my memory may be a bit fuzzy.  The fuzziness is probably a psychological defense mechanism because David scored the first points for ACS, in the second half.  David was high scorer for the team with four of our ten total points.  I am proud to say that I scored two points.  I have managed to forget how many points IC scored.  (By the way, we did beat IC my senior year by one point, with the nail-biting conclusion hinging on the foul shot shooting prowess of Anthony Ibrahim ’83.)
     Between 7th and 8th grade, the rumor was that David went to basketball camp somewhere in the US.  When the season started the next year, he was much better than everyone else.  At the time, my brother was the resident geometry teacher/history teacher/band director/JV basketball coach.  He huddled with the Varsity coach and a compromise established a rule that David had to play on JV instead of on Varsity.  I think technically the rule stipulated that you had to be in 9th grade to play on Varisty.  I can’t remember what the Varsity coach got in the trade, but I am sure he was short-changed.  That year, JV had many promising players, but this was before mike learned to hold onto the ball, before William perfected his outside shot, before Steve had his growth spurt, and before Nadim learned how to dribble.  There were many “plays” but I believe most of them ended with “. . . and then throw the ball to Bailey.”  Needless to say, the team did much better that year.
     David was my friend, and a very good basketball player.


May 7, 2009 Concert, Ankeny, IA - November 16, 2010

A Tribute to David M. Bailey, a musician who battled cancer, and a brain tumor courageously for thirteen years, inspiring his family and a world of admiring fans through his concerts and his unwavering faith in Christianity.  (Part 1 of 3)  JAZZMANJOE1 (

Feb. 26, 1966 - Oct. 2, 2010 - October 5, 2010

David M. Bailey

David Mark Bailey, 44, of Earlysville, died of brain cancer on October 2, 2010 in Charlottesville, VA and was welcomed into everlasting life at his place at the Table with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Born February 26, 1966, David was the son of Kenneth and Ethel Bailey, missionaries to the Middle East. For the first 22 years of his life, his home was Beirut, Lebanon, including the first ten years of the Lebanese civil war. Because of war, the family was obliged to evacuate first to Switzerland (1967), and later to Cyprus (1982). David’s two final years of high school were completed in a private school in Germany because he was, as a young man, especially vulnerable on the streets of Beirut.
David attended Grove City College in western Pennsylvania, where he met and married his soul mate, Leslie McGarvey, of Emlenton, PA. During his college years he was active as a performing songwriter, playing evening and weekend gigs with a music partner. He also enjoyed choir, frat life, acting, and organizing an underground newspaper. David graduated with majors in English and Communication Arts. In the late 80’s, David and Leslie relocated to the Washington, D.C. area where David worked for the U.S. government in satellite imagery analysis. His career evolved to training and then program management with numerous software subcontractors, ending with employment with Eastman Software in Massachusetts. Their daughter, Kelcey, was born in 1992 and son, Cameron, in 1994.
The day prior to moving to the Boston area, in July of 1996, David was diagnosed with brain cancer – Glioblastoma Multiforme IV (GBM). He was expected to have fewer than two years to live. Eager to have his life make a difference in the lives of others, he gave up his career in the software industry and, with a great leap of faith, launched a third career as a performing songwriter – a “troubadour of hope.” Following two surgeries, radiation, experimental chemotherapy and nuclear therapy, David criss-crossed America (and Europe) singing in coffee houses and churches, for cancer conferences and cancer survivor groups for 12 years. David wrote all of his own songs, which grew out of his experiences of war and of battling a deadly cancer. He sang of faith, hope, love and of living life to its fullest each day. He experienced a recurrence of brain cancer in late 2008, recovering enough to tour in 2009 and early 2010. Enduring numerous additional surgeries and difficult treatments, David made a final tour in July of this year.
David is survived by Leslie, his wife of 23 years; his children, Kelcey and Cameron; his parents, Kenneth and Ethel Bailey; a sister, Sara Makari and her husband, Victor; numerous sisters- and brothers-in-law and eight nieces and nephews. To quote a line from one of David’s songs, “The tears of the angels form a river where you can wash your pain, and even in the middle of the thunder, don’t forget the love inside the rain.” His theme was “There may be years of tears behind you, but right now you’ve got One More Day.” He leaves behind him a musical legacy of 23 professionally-recorded CDs. His music and his personal testimony have affected the lives of countless thousands in this country and around the world.
The family offers deep gratitude to Drs. Henry Friedman, Allan Friedman and David Reardon at Duke and Dr. David Schiff at UVa and their caring staffs. We also offer loving thanks to our family of caregivers at the Hospice House, Hospice of the Piedmont, Charlottesville. Memorial gifts are welcome and may be made to Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church, 6566 Spring Hill Road, Ruckersville, VA 22968. Half of those gifts will be equally divided between the following brain tumor organizations: The American Brain Tumor Association, the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke, Gray Matters Foundation, the Florida Brain Tumor Association and T.H.E. Brain Trust.
David was a charter member and Elder at Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ruckersville, VA, where he co-chaired the Evangelism Committee. Baptized into the Covenant, he was a lifelong Christian and we will have a Celebration of his life and of the Resurrection at a Memorial Service on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 2:00 pm at Meadows Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, VA. His daughter suggests an attire of tie-dye, if you like. David would be wearing jeans and ask you to check out his website,

health satus - March 13, 2010

Dec & Jan mri scan showed some progressive disease - began chemo again in Jan and Feb mri showed some reduction in bulk and swelling - good news is the chemo seems to help, the ugly nes is i'll be on it for quite awhile.   Gotta do what ya gotta do.

There's a Light Komen Video - November 19, 2009

Newsletter Vol 12 #4 - November 10, 2009

Hello friends! Hard to believe it’s been 4 months since last official newsletter! It’s been an odd but excellent kind of busyness: I last checked in from Pennsylvania in July where I did gigs in New Wilmington, Sharon, & Mount Lebanon. From there I scooted to Walnut Creek, CA, then on to Greenville, SC for gigs at Furman & Clemson University groups. It had been awhile since I’d played for college-aged folks and it was cool to find I could still connect Next stops were in TX in Abalene where, for the 2nd time I my life, I got hit by a truck. Wasn’t really hurt but did get knocked down into a rain gutter which was annoying. Up to Fort Worth the next night for what turned out o be a great youth night. Then it was time for a giant trip to Des Moines, IA where I did a big cancer center event, a TV interview, and a breast cancer event at a church appropriately named Hope. After that it was up the road o Ankeney IA to another church and a house concert At is point in the journey of 2009, after being back on the road for 9 months, and being mostly chemo-free for 3 months, I was feeling pretty good and the gigs were going OK, but still didn’t quite feel like they used to. It’s hard to explain, but it felt like each show was held together by big bulky ropes instead of a tapestry of delicate threads. Each night was another chance to iron stuff out and try to get it right and now and then I noticed new puzzle pieces finding their way into the picture. After Iowa, it was on up to Michigan for a night at Alma College where I also got a chance to teach a one day class in creative writing. Professor Bailey had a blast. Then it was back down to my annual gig in Troy. The next week found me in the little town of Statesville, NC where something magical happened; something I didn’t realize I’d been waiting for until it took place. Right in the middle of a song in the middle of the set in the middle of the night I realized it – the rope was gone, the threads were back - and I wasn’t forcing it or over-working the words. They just flowed like they were supposed to. I was exactly where I wanted to be and had arrived there smoothly and gently. It was a silent private epiphany that felt like a trillion fireworks exploding in my heart. I think that’s what happens when Hope stops thinking and starts smiling. It was unforgettable. The next weekend was a whirlwind: a private high-school in Newtown PA, (where I also taught a couple classes in music composition); A way-cool church in Bound Brook NJ, and my regular brain tumor event in Buffalo NY Nothing like 3 radically different audiences in 3 states in 3 nights to keep things fresh and challenging. I loved it. Last week, the fall tour ended with a trip to Canada. It was my third Canadian gig and first in Toronto where I played for the very fine Pencer Bain Tumor Center at Princess Margaret Hospital (that’s the queen’s sister ) It was a super excursion. With the unfortunate cancellation of My November gigs in Alabama, I now find myself with a quiet month ahead of me – which is an OK thing - I am still in the middle of several unfinished recording projects, a book, and working to fill the tour schedule for 2010. Right now, the schedule is looking pretty darn empty, which happens about once a year. I start getting nervous, then usually I get a ton of invites all together and it fills up – all of which is to say if you’ve been considering booking something for next year, now is a fine time to reserve a date J Current gigs are below.

In other news, I have a very special unique CD project that will be released any day – when it is, you will be the first to know!
Til then, thanks to all for your amazing suppor t over the years and in particular this past challenging year. It’s been fun to discover that most of what I’ve been saying for years is true: The message of hope never grows old and behind every shadow there’s a light.

Shine on!



12-06 Mayfield, NY
12-11 Ruckersville, VA
01-22 Tampa FL
01-24 Winter Garden FL

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Love the Time CD Re-released! - November 2, 2009

First released in 1997, it's finally back!

The long awaited book - July 31, 2009

After many years of urging and encouragement from countless friends, I'm finally undertaking the writing of a book. If you know of contacts in the biz, I'll need a little help getting it published :-)

5JPF Nominations! - June 26, 2009

david's CD HOme by Another Way was nominated for best NewFolk album of the year by Just Plain Folksand 'Notes' received a nomination for best instrumental album of the year; It's a big deal to be recognized by your peers
Thanks! :-) Also received nominations for 3 songs

Coffee Re-released! - June 25, 2009

Coffee with the Angels, david's bestselling CD has been re-issued for the 5th time with all new digipak packaging. Same tuunes, but now it finally looks as good as it sounds :-)

Video - NJ BT lyrics speech - June 13, 2009

GREAT NEWS - April 24, 2009

1 -- First, my gig last night in Syracuse was magical. why? After weeks of what felt like trial and error with too many errors, the concert last night flowed sweetly and felt like a huge turning point. The old songs held firm, the new songs blended, What has felt like so many upended scrabble pieces started making new words again, I didn't ramble or say anything goofy, the setlist made a moviescript that was kinetic, and the relationship with the audience was wonderful. I felt, maybe for the first time, that the the old david was back and maybe, just maybe, could be better than ever. It was a truly beautiful night.
2 - Today I flew here to Durham - tomorrow I am to get the nasty triple cocktail chemo that caused me so much trouble last time. But first, I had an MRI this evening. It's pretty weird going to a 2 month sked after so long of only doing them annually - but I got the results back moments ago.

God is good.
Love the time.
every moment.

online interview - March 29, 2009

3-25 medical update - March 25, 2009

the surgeries are over, the Neuradiab antibodies have been injected, and 4rounds of I.V chemo are under my belt- Avastin Carboplatin & cpt-11. it's a butt-kicker - but . life goes on: touring has resumed :-)

New song video: Precious - February 25, 2009

LOVE CD Released! - January 23, 2009

After years of incessent recording, i assembled the 2cd hope anthology. Then we did the one disc Faith Anthology. It was only a
matter of time before i realized that a love anthology was needed to
complete the set. But I didn't know if I had enough love songs to do it.,,, there were enough to fill 2 cd's, but we paired it down to 2o old tracks and one new song and fit them all onto a single disc. it's
now available.. [unsubtle hint alert:] just in time for Valentines
day... :-)

New song Video - A Little Rain - January 20, 2009

New song Video - This Could be Your Day - January 15, 2009

Return to the Stage! - January 12, 2009

After nearly a month and 2 surgeries, finally got back to the statge and di d2 shows in Georgia. First night was a little rough - the 2nd much smoother and hugely uplifting and encouraging!

Brick by Brick Video - January 5, 2009

Ruff video draft of day 10 lyric with music
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