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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Up to You

(david m. bailey)
I don't need a weatherman to tell me that it's raining
I got other ways to figure that one out
I don't need a preacher to tell me that I'm loved
After everything I've seen I have no doubt

I don't need a doctor to tell me that I'm living
When I woke up I was quite sure that I knew
I don't need an umpire to tell me that I crossed the line
If I did it's because I wanted to.
Everyone's a critic, they come a dime a dozen
And dozens of them all sound just the same
It's funny how a sword doesn't really make you stronger
When people think it does it's such a shame

I don't need a politician to tell me about justice
or why he wants to fight another war
I've seen all I want to see and heard all I want to hear
I don't want to listen anymore
D /B C
But I'll listen to the prisoner tell me about freedom
And to the refugee tell me about home
I'll listen to the Maestro tell me about silence
And to the widow about being alone
D /B C
And I'll listen to the Shepherd tell me bout protection
And to the poor man about what a dollar's worth
I'll listen to the foreigner tell me bout rejection
And to the mother 'bout the pain and joy of birth

I’ll listen to the soldier tell me about fear
And to the farmer tell me about Rain
I'll listen to the old man tell me about time
And to the Carpenter tell me about pain.
G F/# C
There must be a million lessons in the people all around you
That can change far more than your point of view
Be sure to pay attention to who's doing the talking
After that, the rest is up to you.