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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Another Holy Morning

(david m. bailey)
To learn about the future, watch a child play
To learn about the past, hear what the old man has to say
To learn about the moment, stop and look around
Every single second has its own amazing sound

You might hear a cricket, you might hear a car
What you choose to listen to will tell you who you are
If you wanna feel the sun, you gotta go to where it shines
There's so much you can give, but you gotta take the time
Some say time will tell, I think it often screams
It cannot understand why we disregard out dreams
If you were a bird, where do you think you'd fly?
Out towards the horizon or high up in the sky?
I guess it all depends on where you want to go
There are many ways to get there from the little that I know
We all have a ghost in our past, a private curse
And everybody seems to think that theirs must be the worst
But the skeleton in your closet is only made of bones
And you are flesh and blood, full of life and not alone
No one needs to walk even a single mile
In someone else's shoes to know they face a trial
That could be just as hard as the one that's facing you
And you have no idea exactly what you'd do
I think we all deserve a little bit of slack
As we each work through our demons and try to get on track
Everybody's had their doubts, from the peasant to the Pope
But the sun came up this morning so I believe there's hope
Call me crazy, call me stupid, call me foolish or naive
But it's another holy morning and as for me, I believe.