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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Pray For Peace II

(david m. bailey)
Ignorance makes fear, fear turns into rage
Rage will make you bitter at an early age
Bitterness can turn wisemen into fools
Speak with silver tonges, forget the golden rule
Old men call for war, young men go to die
We understand the reason but we disregard the why
This world is mighty big, but this family is small
We all bleed the same on both sides of the wall
This might be the time to get to know your brother
If he says he has the only way, tell him there's another
And if he says your way is wrong and only his is right
Ask him to explain before you start to fight
Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye
Only makes us all a little dumb and blind
Long ago a simple man said turn the other cheek
But you and I know better and would never be so weak
Let's decide to forgive that man's naiveté
He'd sing a different song if he were here today
And while we wear the bracelet asking what he'd do
We don't really care if it's not our point of view
So let's all chant the letters and let the rockets fly
We're the masters of war and will be 'til we die
Then we'll just be dead, each in our own grave
Hoping that there's still something God will want to save
And when we're finally ready to step to the other side
Odds are we'll be surprised at who survives the ride
Meanwhile, the clock is ticking as you watch your brother bleed.
Next time it could be you who is lying there in need
Ignorance makes fear, frear turns into rage
Say a prayer for peace before you turn the page.