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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Angola By The Bay

(david m. bailey)
A2/F# B2/G#
Well it's hard to say when we first met
A2(C5) E2/C#,B2(C7)
I don't remember the first hello
And it's hard to say when we first knew
That there was so much further to go
Ah, but looking back, it seems to me,
There may never have been a first day
Cause sometimes love gets there before you do
And welcomes you in, like tonight - angola by the bay
Like a son that rises and never sets
Like the blood that burns in our veins
Like leaves that fall and cover the ground
Like an early evening autumn rain
Like the voice of the wind, the cry of the night
And the way that the smoke just blocks out the light
Like footprints in the sand that cannot be explained
Here tonight at angola by the bay
E B/D# A/C# E/B
I said that love came slowly never to leave
A E/G# A2/F# B2
And you smiled as you said i'm too tired to sleep
Se we kept the night company on into the morn
Then laughed at the lessons that we never learned
So there was talk of all that we'd left behind
And all of the things that we still have to find
Well then blame it on no one, no one can be blamed
If something comes around and hits you in a peaceful way
Angola by the bay

It's hard to say when we'll meet again
But not that we never will
We been through this before and we'll be here again
On another turn around the wheel
And if you're thinking what i'm thinking then you're thinking
That love will stay
And we must never ever let it slip away, angola by the bay....