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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Hope, Alaska

(david m. bailey)
Was a day like any other in the land that they call great
Had some time to look around and I could hardly wait
opened up the map and one town caught my eye
Wasn't sure I'd get there but knew I had to try

South along the inlet, around the frozen bay
Drove right by a glacier on that cold November day
Beneath the snow capped mountains, between the rugged trees
A winter rain was falling and I thought that it might freeze

But the good Lord was watching for I got there safe and sound
Parked my car on main street, got out and looked around
It used to be a gold town, 3000 miners strong
But when the gold was gone, everybody moved along

Now they say 200 live there, but I didn't see a soul
It felt just like a ghost town covered up in snow
I saw a tiny cafe, but of course its doors were locked
A little disappointed, but I wasn't really shocked

There was no bed and breakfast, no stores with souvenirs
This was no place for tourists - what was i doing here-
I looked up at the mountains as if they could explain
They laughed as they reminded me why it was I came
I found peace instead of postcards- Love was the place - and hope , the name.

As I drove away, I turned my head to see
A light behind a window shining back at me
And now that I have been there i can tell you that it's real
Hope's alive and well, no matter what you feel
It may not look or sound exactly like you thought it would
But if you get a chance to go to hope you should.
I'd take you there myself if I could.
Right down the road.