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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Long Distance Dad

(david m. bailey)
I wasn't there when you found a 4-leaf clover
Wasn't there when you lost your 2nd tooth
Wasn't there The first time you rode your bike alone
Wasn't there for too much of your youth

And it's true that I believe in what I'm doing
I can only hope you will agree
And know that not a single day has gone by
When I didn't wish you were with me

But I know that doesn't really help you
Even the sweetest wish can't dry a tear
A prayer can never take the place of a good night kiss
Absence only makes that truth more clear

Someday you will look back on your childhood
As I have done nearly every day
For when you do I hope that you will understand
A special kind of grace for which I pray

I won't tell you it's all about providing
I won't say that I did it all for you
Truth is, I spread myself a little bit too thin
There always seemed to be so much to do

By now you've learned that life can be uncertain
You hardly need me to testify
This much I can say with all conviction -
God loves you today - and so do I.

Passion has a thousand different faces
The best one is the one that you can feel
But even clouds can cast a shadow
Telling you that what you can't see still is real

So when I can't be by your side
When I cannot see your face
Hold on to the shadows of these heartbeats
And I'll be home to share the sunrise of your grace