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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Like it's All You Have to Do

(david m. bailey)
I've given my heart away a time or two
Like a fool, gone where angels fear to tread
But there's no telling what kind of man I'd be today
If I’d chosen to hide my heart instead

Go ahead and dance like no one's watching
Go ahead and dream like it's already come true
Go ahead and shout, find out who is listening
Go ahead and love like it's all you have to do.

Troubles come in many shapes and sizes
there's no foxhole deep enough for you to hide
But the Piper keeps playing through the tempest
And freedom is still running deep and wide

Go ahead and sing like you're in the spotlight
Go ahead and pray like God's sitting next to you
Go ahead and laugh like the punch line is your heartbeat
Go ahead and love like it's all you have to do

The lining round that storm cloud isn't silver
Any fool can see it's just the sun
But then only a fool would choose silver over sunshine
'Cause the sun will go on rising when your silver days are done

Go ahead and cry as if you're crazy
Sometimes it's good to sing the blues
Go ahead and scream when you finally find your dream
Then go ahead and Love like it's all you have to do
Loving is all you have to do.