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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

No Matter What it Takes

(david m. bailey)
she said "I'm laughing on the inside, "But her eyes were full of doubt
He said "I'd move a million mountains to turn you inside out
Because your laughter is like bird-song, Makes the world a lot less blue"
She smiled a simple smile and said, "If only that were true."

Early the next morning He woke up with the rain
Words that were not spoken were spinning in his brain
The next time that he saw her he said "This is how I feel
It's a little complicated, but I swear to you it's real
She turned around and gently put a finger on his lips
She said, "we share this sacred ocean, but we're on different ships"
He said "I wish that didn't matter, but I guess I know it does
She said Yes - and no, but that's all right because

Love was here before us
And love will see us through
No matter where we are
No matter what we do
Love can be confusing,
But love makes no mistakes
And I'll love you for forever, no matter what it takes

He poured a cup of coffee and put it in her hand
He said "the things that mean the most to me
Are hard to understand
She said "that is why so many things are better left unsaid."
He said 'that's what I was thinking, so I'll sing to you instead, he sang

Love was here before us..

Later in the day, rain still falling down
Her met in a cafe, words till spinning 'round
He said "last night I was so tired
But I couldn't sleep a wink
She said "I know what you mean
But I don't know what to think"

He said "life is much too short to worry 'bout such things
So welcome this new day and what ever it brings
All I want to know then the day comes to an end
Is that you're laughing on the outside, my sweet forever friend

Love was here before us