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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
July 30, 2009
david m. bailey
So Today I learned a brand new word
I’m pretty sure it’s one I’ve heard
At first, I thought it sounded flip
Something you’d find in a comic strip
Turns out, it’s something that is real
And today I learned it’s one I feel
I think it lacks imagination
But it does describe my situation:
“Chemo-brain” is how it’s said
it set an ambush for my head
In this battle that I fight
The ‘fog of war’ now has new light
This fog was a crazy kind:
This fog settled in my mind
Where I once could see, I now was blind
What once was clear, now cloaked in haze;
I stumbled through the last few days
Every moment felt so strange
Like time itself had rearranged
The way she normally advances
And I was running out of chances
So what with all that’s on my plate
Now I hurry up and wait
For the day the fog will lift
Til then, each day is still a gift
Did I say day? I meant each minute
And this one here, I’m glad I’m in it.
And yes, I’m glad that you are too
The only thing we have to do
Is cherish it and not complain.
That’s how we beat the chemo brain