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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Could Be Better

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
So Things are not as good as I wish they were
But they ain't as bad as I know they could get
So the monster in my head chose to recur
I wonder if it thought I would forget
If it were up to me I would prefer
This nasty demon never to have met
But I 'm not ready simply to defer
No, I got plans, dreams, goals - and better yet,
three things about which I am sure
I got faith, hope and love - a triple threat
So what if life ain't easy --if it were
Romeo would be with his Juliet
No one would live with a regret
we'd forgive and then totally forget
we'd walk a mile and never break a sweat
We'd drive corvettes and never be in debt
But we'd prob'ly still play 8 track cassettes
(Not that there is anything wrong with that)
But, that's just not the way it's meant to be
No, life has a complex harmony
Like different colors in a rainbow, different voices in a choir
Some days will defeat you while others will inspire
And the colors don't make sense til you've seen what darkness makes
And the music don't mean much without the silence that it breaks
So, yeah, things could be better, but I say take them as they are
Pretty soon they'll be so good we'll wonder how we got so far
And if you stumble on a bump or two somewhere down the line
I guarantee it will not help if all you do is whine
just let it be another chance to learn to love the time
Sure, things could be better, but they've never been so fine.
At least we're free to choose our response and for today that's mine
I don't always remember that but trust me, I am trying
And if the sun comes up again. I'll call it a sign
What could be better already is; sing hallelujah one more time