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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Holy Healer

(david m. bailey)
August 19, 2009
david m. bailey
I said “Lord, I need to talk to you – where do I begin?
Feeling fragile with these scars on both sides of my skin
Guess I kinda wondered if you know how I feel
And is possible that someday, somehow I will heal?
“Good grief, david”: God said with a sigh
I got a billion ways to answer that; which one should I try?
I said “You promised you’d never leave but I bet it’s crossed your mind
I know a lot of other people more deserving of your time
God said “is that what you think? Cuz that’s what they think too -
And all of you are wrong - Now let’s just think this through:
There’s a whole lotta you but only one of Me
Do you think I would subject Myself to exclusivity?
No, my child, it simply doesn’t work that way
I’m here for all of you every second, every day

Now, as for your scars – trust me, I understand
I got scars myself – 1 in both my hands
The good news is that yes, they heal after awhile
Try not to be impatient; find someone who makes you smile
That shouldn’t be too hard; I put angels everywhere
They help me reach out to you and show how much I care
Though you may not believe it, your heart will heal too
It won’t happen overnight, but I’m gonna stay with you
Yeah, stick with Me and I’ll show you exactly how to start
There’s a room up here in heaven where I fix the broken hearts
But the one that you got now is all you’ll ever need
So let it break, let it shine, let it bend, let it bleed
And above all else my child, share it with those in need
You might be quite surprised when they give it back to you
Just try not to forget: Healing hearts is what I do.

david m. bailey, Aug 19, 2009 Earlysville, VA