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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Still Standing

(david m. bailey)
May 18, 2009
david m. bailey
You can push me down
leave me lying on the ground
Kick me in the head
Leave me there for dead
But I'll make this guarentee:
The next thing that you'll see
Is me up on my feet
I'll be waiting to greet
The very next new day
And When it comes you'll hear me say
I'm still standing
Gimme your best shot
I'm still standing
Is that all that you got?
I'm still standing
thought I'd be crushed but i am not
I'm still standing
Wait til you see the dream I caught
I'm still standing
After the battles I have fought
I'm still standing
No matter what you may have thought
I'm still standing
And I will not stand still
Not while I have this cup to fill
It's a battle of the will
Just some fear i gotta kill
It doesn't take much skill
To make a mountain be a hill
It's just another bittter pill
But the journey is a thrill
And I will not stop until
I'm still standing