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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
May 4, 2009
What do stargazers do in the daytime?
What do daydreamers do in the night?
How does anyone find their place in the world?
How do any of us get it right?

What does a painter do without paint
What does a singer do without songs
It’s hard to be something you ain’t
Or be anywhere you don’t belong

Is life just a problem we solve
Or is it a sweet mystery?
The adventure seems to revolve
Around that which we just cannot see

If you can learn to cope with the darkness
And not freak out when you are blind
I’m certain that there is a sweetness
The good Lord wants us to find

So what do stargazers do in the daytime?
I don’t know – but I hope they have time for a nap
Everyone has a dark night of the soul
Everyone puts up with crap

But then, every once in awhile
When it’s the last thing you would expect
A memory can still make you smile
And you’ll know that your course is correct
It doesn’t mean you’ll get there any faster
But it feels good to know you’re on track
Burn the midnight oil in the morning
Keep on, and never look back