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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Italian Memories

(david m. bailey)
April 17, 2009
david m. bailey
From the Trevi Fountain to the Pantheon
Walked and walked til my feet were gone
Kept on walking to the Spanish stairs
Sat down in the sunshine there
Then on to dinner with some red red wine
The Carpaccio was oh so fine
But not as fine as the Tiramisu
With espresso it was through the roof
Back to the fountain in the early eve
more beautiful With lights than you would believe
Finally managed to get lost
Not hard to do with all the roads I crossed
But being lost ain’t so bad
When you find your way you’re a bit more glad
4000 miles from my home - An almost perfect day in Rome
Yes, Roma, I think I love you
With your statues and your fountains and your food
I think if I stayed here any longer
I’d get a statue made of me in the nude
But for now, I*”ll just sip my espresso
Standing up – not like they do at home
But you know what they say is true
Bout how you do what you do when in Rome Ciao Bella!
Florence, I think I love you
With your statues and your bridges and your streets
I could visit you a thousand times over
And still never get tired of your treats
Yeah, there’s so much more to see than meets the eye
I”ll bet that’s what Michelangelo was thinking
When he put David on a pedestal so high
The merchants will gladly take your money
But you will always spend it with a smile
Here, no matter what you’re doing
Here, it’s always done with style
Florence, I know I love you - With your markets and your churches and your wine
Whatever it takes to return again
Will be worth it for, in a word, you are sublime
Pisa, I think I love you
How sad we only come to see your one mistake
One marble tower gently leaning cannot a real city truly make
Ah, but add a river and a few cathedrals
Plant orchards and vineyards all around
Now I know I’d come here over and over
Even if your tower were lying on the ground
Venice, I think I love you –
but we both know there was no doubt I would
Yeah, You been on my mind for quite some time
I’d have come back much sooner if I could
Now I’ve heard it said that you’ve been sinking
Good news for us both – I couldn’t tell
So let me tell you what it is I’m thinking
Your canals could put out the fires of hell
So I”ll have another coffee at San Marco
And I”ll cross the Rialoto yet again
Yes, I”d fight the crowds any day just to see you
It’s the leat I could do for a place I call my friend