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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
March 14, 2009
david m. bailey
Well you know I didn’t ask for all my troubles
And I know you didn’t ask for all of yours
We could carry on caressing our own nightmares
Or get busy knocking on some different doors
Now, I could tell you all about the things I m facing
And you could tell me all about what’s on your plate
The telling of the trouble doesn’t change it
But it sure helps the solitude abate
Cuz fear tends to feed on isolation
It hits us hardest when we feel alone
But when we come together, fear begins to fade
That’s how some of the strongest friendships have been made
Speaking of strength, it sure is tempting
To think you’re stronger than you really are
Oh, that can get you past a set of hurdles
But in the end it will not take you all that far
But when you know you’re not the only one running
And you find some have a much harder time than you
You discover that the race is only worth it
If you can bring along your entire crew
Which brings me back to where I started
There’s something powerful about shared pain
Instead of trying to escape the storm
It teaches you to dance in the rain