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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 47 New Year Reawakening

(david m. bailey)
January 2, 2009
david m. bailey
I don't know why it's taken me so long
Forty days should be long enough
I guess sometimes I couldn't hear the song
I was distracted by some pretty ugly stuff

Not that I am 'm trying to make excuses
Not that I am trying to plead my case
But Life savers were all looking like nooses
After awhile I guess I simply lost my place

Which is not to say I lost my hope
Or that I didn't thik that I could cope
More like I was drowning in my shower
I could see the way to safety but couldn't find the power

It shouldn't have to take all of this drama
To recognize the beauty of the now
It should be something that not one of us forgets
Each day gives us new chances to learn how
The question is can you and I dig deeper?
Perhaps it is another form of art
When we get down to the heart of the matter
We might find it's a matter of the heart
After all, the heart can usually keep its focus
When everything around it has decayed
The heart can always see the sacred; find the faith and touch the
truthIt's a mystery, but that's how the heart is made
Now at the dawn of yet another year
It seems to me once again we have a choice
Give in to the darkness of doubt & fear
Or stand up and demand hope has a voice
And meanwhile, can we stop and smell the roses?
And not just in the summer or the spring
There is a rose in every single season
But it doesn't always look like what you think

Sometimes it will catch you unawares
A gentle smile on a stranger's face
An unexpected word of compassion
A silent sacrificial gift of grace

A shoulder where you can find some shelter
A hand to hold you steady as you fall
A tear or two to wash away the sting
A window when you're up against the wall
A tree, a mountain, a river, a cloud
The whole universe sings out loud
A breeze, a stone, a dream, a kiss
These and so many more than I could ever list
Each one a rose I know will always exist
This year, let's decide to find every single one
We'll make our own rose garden every single day
A fine place to sip coffee in the sun