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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Days 87 & 88 Chemo 3 Pre- & Post-

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
3rd round of chemo...
Day 87 Chemo3 Eve
24 hours from now, I’ll have poison in my veins
It ain’t no big deal, not really; It’s not like it causes pain
It’s definitely annoying; I wish there were another way
But you do what you gotta do if you wanna see another day
Oh, I know it will make me tired, and it might knock me to my knees
Ain’t that a kick in the head:? A cure worse than the disease
But God knows I’m not the first, and will not be the last
Millions of folks have done this in the past
So stick me in the arm, just do it in a snap
Then let your bags of chemo drip: Me? I’ll take a nap
But when the bags are empty – when the last drop has dropped
be sure to get your needle back cuz babe, as soon as it has stopped
I’ll have one foot out the door with the other close behind
And the moment I am gone, I’ll be very hard to find
It’s not that I don’t like you, but I will not hang around
Life is waiting just outside – can’t you hear the sound?
Breeze is blowing, grass is growing
Won’t be long and I”ll be mowing
Up is not what I’ll be throwing
While my messed up blood is flowing
Got lotsa places I’ll be going
Seeds of hope that I’[ll be sewing
At least that is my numble plan
So I”ll be scooting, soon as I can
Thanks for helping me. I guess
We’ll let the poison do the rest
Put a smile between those cheeks
We'll do it again in a couple weeks :-)
Day 89 Chemo3 the post-Report

Well gang, first 2 round were easy, the third was pretty rough.
Yeah, that was some ridiculously potent stuff.
90 minutes violent retching, then I finally had enough
My body kinda shut down and finally went to sleep
I thought of all of the promises I still wanted to keep
I waited for the sun to rise and then made a pot of jo
Not sure who won this battle; I’m still moving mighty slow
But I’m moving – so today, I’ll call that a victory
I won’t let anything take that away from me
I know – everybody has a race they gotta run
Everybody has to do some stuff that ain’t no fun
You don’t just grin and bear it
You try to win and share it
The war may not be over but the battle lines are drawn
Really ain’[t no choice but to keep on keepin on
So today I’m gonna choose to put one foot before the other
Knowing if I stumble, I can lean upon my brother
Somewhere in the midst of this, another song awaits
When I find it, I will sing it, til this fatigue abates
I don’t know a lot, but this I know for sure
It takes more than just poison drugs to make a cure
And anyway, the sun really did come up again
We’re cured for a day; and it’s still good to have a friend