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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Letting go

(david m. bailey)
Letting Go

They met for coffee every morning in the subway
Had a smoke before the 8:13 arrived
He was always just a bit hung-over
She said it was a wonder he was still alive
He always said that life is learning to walk fences
She'd say it was more like walking through a maze
He'd reply that every turn had consequences
She'd say "I know, I've tried at least 1000 ways."

They used to laugh about they way they talked in circles
And wonder about the bridges they had burned
He said freedom had always been his first love
She said freedom's in the lessons you have learned

He said "I don't know why people call me reckless
She said "because you never look before you leap
He said "but jumping off a fence is not so dangerous
It depends on the company you keep

She said 'is that your way of saying that you trust me
Or that you tired of living all alone
Who is there to hold you when you get lost?
Who is there to welcome you back home?

His silence was thicker than the coffee,
Then he whispered 'you're the only one who cares
She smiled and said 'is that an invitation?'
Cuz somehow it feels more like a dare

He said "no, I'm pretty sure that was a question"
I know I've made mistakes along the way
But you made me to believe in 2nd chances
So I'm taking my biggest chance today

Her silence lasted longer than the summer
as she stared past him into the morning crowd
He said don't worry bout giving me an answer
but she cut him off and wondered right out loud

She said everyone I know thinks I am cautious
He said everyone you know is probably right
She said But you made me believe in taking chances
I never thought I could but I just might...

He said we'd never have to stop this conversation
If we hurry we could take the 9:05
She said i guess my maps won't do me any good now'
This must be what it's like to feel alive.

©1998 david m. bailey