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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 60 Getting Started

(david m. bailey)
January 14, 2009
david m. bailey
day 1 of chemo
If it’s true we only fear what we cannot understand
could it be we only understand the things we cannot fear
there is no mystery in the smile of a newborn baby child
there is no question carried by a solitary tear

can we really be expected to accept the world around us
when we’re so quick to reject the world within
there is no reason to assume the beauty is beyond us
like anything in life, nothing starts till you begin

There’s a chance you’re just a moment from your destiny
but just as likely there’s a chance you’re years away
you can wish, you can dream, you can wait, you can scream
you can complain, procrastinate or pray

In the end it’s about taking those first steps
even if it’s hard to tell when they’ve begun
just remember every renaissance has its own routine
like a child we must walk before we run

And I suppose there’s nothing wrong with walking
Slowing down gives you a chance to look around
If we really let the time do the talking
I wonder if we’d hear a different sound
And maybe it would sound a lot like music
Though the song might not be the one you’d choose
You still can decide whether or not you’re gonna dance
One man’s lullaby is another man’s blues
And me. I think that’s a good thing
Let the song be what it needs to be
Follow the rhythm where it takes you
Getting started is half the victory