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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 38 Great Staple Debate

(david m. bailey)
For days on end I've only wanted one thing
It's been the only song I could think to sing
It's not a complicated task
But it's been a royal pain in my - ask?
Nicely? Yes I did.
I even begged like a kid
I tried to be polite - with a charming smile I said
"I need these staples out of my head!"
Last week doc said the wound hadn't healed
I said I didn't care and I appealed
He held firm -- he did not yield
he's done this a thousand times or more
For me, it has only been 4
I know that's a lopsided score
I respected his perspective
But it did not change my directive
So I said to the doc, Ill make you a deal
It's a compromise that will help me heal
Thirty-seven staples you put in - though
I've identified seven that are ready to go
So just yank the seven - you can leave the rest
And I promise not to be a pest.

Well it seemed like a pretty good deal to me
From the look on his face he did not agree
Two weeks young man -- that's for your protection
Unless you'd like a skull infection
But I'll tell you what you son of a gun
Just for you, I'll take out one

That wasn't what I had in mind
I said how about two? Yes, I whined
He said one or nothing, I just can't do more
You can still call it a victory scored
I looked at him and said thank you doc
Then I looked up high and said thank you Lord

So the victory was pretty small
A single steel staple, that's all.
But I claimed a win though it wasn't a lot.
One really was better than naught

And I'm afraid it's true too much of the time
We don't get our way and we tend to whine
But the doc was right - it did feel good
And I'm guessing that he knew it would
If we could be content with a less
The world might not be in such a mess

So now I'm down to thirty-six
A new way to play pick-up sticks.
I hope tomorrow I'll get to twenty three
But if it's thirty five, that will be fine with me