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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 40- Forty DAys

(david m. bailey)
December 24, 2008
david m. bailey
40 Days in the desert
40 days on a rainy sea
40 days in the wilderness
I'm in pretty good company

I kinda went back and forth
Between the south and the north
Trying to answer the big questions
Trying to see just how love wins
Arguing with my demons

Trying to see how it all makes sense
Sometimes I'm sure that I'm too dense
But I keep runing into evidence
That tells me to depend on providence

I've looked at life through a darker lens
And rediscovered all my friends

Demons told me that life was ending
I thought they might be just pretending
Thought every day is still worth spending
With those whose love is never ending
Hope and love are the perfect blending
For faith that nheeds a little tending
They keep your heart and mind ascending
They are always worth defending
This final email I now am sending
This daily mail I'll be suspending
Tomorrows drug will be descending
Deep in my brain. Then I"ll be spending
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Safe at home - It will be OK.
Yes, I'll get Home by another way.
Partly cause you chose to pray
I don't have much more to say
Come what might, come wht may
From New York City to San Jose
Concert halls and cheap cafes
Who kows,maybe i'll play Norway
I'll have some new songs on my tray
Ffforty NIghts and forty days
Gave me a few new things to say
This tired head I now must lay
down to sleeep and I will pray
Ahead of us all are better days
Just let your love do a richochet
Thank the Lord and get out of HIs way

Friends, I'll find you later!. Til then, thanks for walking with me
Keep on walking.
Find the faith
Share the hope
Practice the peace
Live the Love.