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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 34 Blessing in Disguise

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
They say you should put your best foot forward
They say the obvious can be right before your eyes
They say you are better safe than sorry
They say this could be a blessing in disguise

Well is a blessing still a blessing if it feels like a curse?
That takes too much mental exercise
I guess it could be that the curse is just a ruse
Or, more plainly put, the damn disguise

I think it usually takes a little time
Gotta let the dust settle from the skies
When the air is clear, sometimes it's obvious
But sometimes that blessing stays in its disguise

They say beauty's in the eye of the beholder
They say the jester is often very wise
They say that paper tigers will not hurt you
I'm not sure the metaphor applies

Look at love -- the big diamond in the rough
It can turn noises into lullabies
The devil may be in the details
But angels are blessings in disguise

Such a strange part of being human
We cope. We to learn to improvise
We often don't believe until we have no other choice
Then we see life as a blessing in disguise

Philosophy teaches us to ask the questions
Science shows us how to analyze
Faith points to truth that is much deeper
But what explains a blessing in disguise?

You cannot disregard what you believe
If you're confused, I can sympathize
It's easy to take it all for granted
It's hard to see the blessing in disguise

None of this should really be confusing
The idea shouldn't come as a surprise
I shoulda got it when I first took my kids trick or treating
Two little blessings in disguise

For now, I'll let these muddy waters settle
Let go of the whats and hows and whys
The sunrise is just around the corner
That's one blessing that's never in disguise