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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 35 The Interview

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
I said “Dear lord, do You remember how you said we’d talk again?
You said it was something about which you had no doubt
Just curious; would you still consider it a conversation
If you do all the listening while I just scream and shout?
Now you know that normally, I’m a quiet kind of guy
I don’t lose my temper all that much
But I like things to make sense and when they simply don’t
My head starts to implode and I lose touch”
God said “Have you not heard? Do you not already know?
There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for you
I will always listen– scream as loudly as you wish
And when you’re done, you know I’ll always see you through
I don’t even mind if you ain’t sitting in a pew
I don’t even mind if you don’t think I have a clue
I don’t mind if you tell me whoop de da and whoop de do
I actually understand your point of view
So bring it on son, start your cranky interview”
I had a slightly cosmic holy déjà

I said “we’ve done this before, have we not?”
God said “I did actually have that passing thought”
I said “does my faithlessness ever make your butt tired?”
God said “not really, that’s just kinda how you’re wired
There’s a whole lot more I wish that I could tell
But you’ll just have to trust me that in the end
Everything ends well”

I had long since stopped my shouting
My hot head now was cool
Truth be told I felt a little bit like a fool
I realized I’d just been shown
The last page of the book
God smiled a gentle smile
Then with a knowing look
Asked “is there anything else
Or is that all for now?”
I said “Lord, you crack me up – You are the cat’s meow
Must be nice to know nobody’s holier than Thou
He said “being God certainly has its perks
But you wouldn’t want the role
You gotta deal with a lot of jerks”
I said “whoa! , You know you’re talking about your very own kids?!
He said “yes, and they’re not perfect
That’s why I did what I did
So you can come and scream at me
And I’ll wait for you to learn
That I’ll be with you for forever, at every single turn”
I said the only thing that anyone could say
When you meet the Lord face to face
It kinda takes your breath away
I got down on my knees I whispered “I am yours”
God said “I already knew that - but I’m glad you know it too
See you next time kid – and don’t forget – It matters what you do.”