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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 37 I'd like to Tell You

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
I’d like to tell you that I’m sure everything will be all right
I’d like to tell you that I never have doubts in the middle of the night
I’d like to tell you that I’m positive the future will be bright
And wouldn’t that be lovely, all sweetness and light?

Yeah but you and I both know that life don’t work like that
We stumble through each day deaf as stones and blind as bats
Everybody has a chance to be a scaredy cat
And that’s ok for a little while – but that’s not where it’s at

Ah, but that’s the tricky part, it’s a never-ending quest
it’s hard to find the balance even when you do your best
You gotta face every reality and try to believe
You want to hold on to a hope that you know is not naïve

And all the while you got voices screaming in your ear
Telling you exactly how they think you should persevere
And just when you think you might be in the clear
You can get discouraged when you find you’re nowhere near
Anyway I think it’s silly to tell someone not to fear
To suggest it’s not a normal thing is a rather insincere
And that is not to say we should all be cavalier
No, everybody needs a time to cry into their beer.

But when the crying is over, there’s another tale to tell
It’s the story of a coin thrown into a wishing well
And the Sunday morning music made by the church bell
The day that fear conquers hope will be a cold day in hell

So to fear I say do your worst, hit me with our best shot
You can find me anytime here with my coffeepot
You can do your best to put me in into a very tight spot
I’m telling you right now it will all be for naught
If you think I’m kidding let me give ya some food for thought
No matter how you spin this yarn I have a counterplot
You might think that you can stay ahead– I’m telling you cannot
I know something you don’t’ know , like it or not
Oh, and before you turn and run away, I almost forgot
You did help me helped me fin my hope again so, well, thanks a lot.

I’d like to tell you that I’m sure everything will be all right
In the end I know it will be; and at the risk of sounding trite
I know that the darkness can never kill the light
That’s true right now and will be true every single night
Sleep tight.