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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 31 When HOpe Matters Most

(david m. bailey)
It’s been over 12 years I’ve been talking about hope
It’s easier to do when you feel strong enough to cope
With questions and doubts that lurk in the dark night of the soul
But if you drop your guard they always take their toll.
And before you even know it you feel like you have no control
Do you know what I mean? I know that you do
But what I’ve said for years and always believed was true
Is that especially in the very darkest of dark nights
Is when hope has the power to shed a little light
Sometimes just a little, but a little’s all you need
To make it to the dawn and let the sunrise take the lead
Then make a pot of coffee as the new day writes your creed
Once you have survived the darkness, how could you not succeed?
I’m not trying to suggest anything is guaranteed
I’m not saying that it always will be easy to proceed
I’m just saying that I’ve been there and I hope that you will heed
A few humble words of advice;
I promise I will try to be concise
When you see that sun rising and you know that you’re alive