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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 32 Old Friends New Friends Bold Friends

(david m. bailey)
There ain't nothing in the world like an old friend
Someone who knew you way back when
They help you remember where you came from
Back when you did those things that now seem so dumb
Yeah, look at how far you have come
No one can say that like an old chum
One word and they can make your face numb
Then with a smile that you remember they can wake you
Reminding you old friends won't forsake you
Especially when you feel the world will break you
Yeah, there ain't nothing in the world like an old friend
A precious gift you should protect and defend
Look at the friends who currently surround you
Each has a sweet tale of how they found you
But it's the old friends who will always ground you
The love of an old friend can astound you
Not only that, but they can be profound too
So try to keep at least a few old ones around you.
Just my advice. to I promise not to hound you :-)

It doesn't happen very often
Once, maybe twice your whole life long
You meet someone you feel you already know
The words may be unclear but you're sure you've heard the song
When it happens it can feel a little strange
Like part o you you can't believe it's true
Deep down you feel there is something you should say
I guess that's why I'm saying it to you
Thank you fo being part of my life
Thank you for calling me a friend
It is a gift I will treasure in my heart
And as long as I live it's a treasure I will spend
Because some things are mean to be held on to
While some things should be given away
But the love that comes from a friend
Should be both held and given everyday
Yeah, friendship always makes you both a little stronger
With a friend you can face anything a little longer
Ask anyone who's been through stormy weather
yeah, Friendship makes you both a little better
Thank you fo being part of my life...

It's hard to get close to folks when you don't think they'll stick
You know -- like when they get a new job and plan to move to another
Or, God forbid, they get real sick and you think they just might die
It's natural to withdraw , protect your heart, avoid the cry
But that's not what anybody needs
I think everybody really wants a friend who would walk through fire
Then walk beside you and carry you when you are too tired
, friends come in many flavors - some stay until you're old
That's all anybody wants -- just one friend who will be bold
Bold enough to take your place when you're walking down the plank
Bold enough to always care. Bold enough to break the bank
Bold enough to take a bullet, bold enough to tell the truth
Bold enough to overlook sins of a misspent youth
Bold enough to come and find you when you're stranded in the cold
That's all anybody wants -- just one friend who will be bold