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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

DAy 33 The Horizon

(david m. bailey)
can't believe a month has passed us by
It ain't the month I thought that it would be
It felt like my heart was gonna die die
But it was just my soul finally breaking free
Brain surgery is just a bit insane
Twice in 3 weeks is inhumane
But I reckon things could have been much worse
Could have found up be riding in a hearse
Instead I'm sitting here writing a verse
Guess that's really not much of a curse
Of course, soon I'm gonna have to reimburse
The doctor and the surgeon and the nurse
Then I'll have to raid my daughter's purse
To buy the coffee that I drink when I rehearse
Yes, I think that is a bit perverse
Oh well; In a week I'll be far away from here
And I won't come back until at least next year
I don't know what I will do with my career
Doubts make my vision disappear
Questions pave the way for brand new fear
Out on the edge of a new frontier
I wish the future were just a bit more clear
Yeah, yeah, I know; join the crowd
Everybody lives beneath that cloud
I got comfortable planning far ahead
Now I'll say what often goes unsaid
There's stuff in my future that I dread
That's baggage I know I gotta shed
Cuz I feel myself moving full speed ahead
Gotta look at life a different way instead
Gotta truly give thanks for daily bread
And if history is any kind of guide
I could be in for one hell of a ride
The future will be there when you arrive
Just be glad you are still alive
You can make a hundred thousand rhymes
But you can only go one day at a time
So today, I'm gonna get a gamma scan
Then drink 2 pots of coffee. That's my plan.
Funny -- that's how this whole thing began
Love the time -- and do the best you can.