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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 30 Talking to Me Myself & I

(david m. bailey)
December 16, 2008
david m. bailey
After a month of these epistles...

Me, myself and I took a little walk
Me and myself, they began to talk
What makes you think that I am so inspired?
Your friends must be getting tired
Of listening to your daily muse
Your doubts and fears and violent blues
So you’ve had some pain; so what?
In your head they made a cut
Did it twice, stapled it shut
You’re eating well – check out your gut
You get some thoughts, you write them down
You make them rhyme, like any good clown
But kid, you know you’re not unique
Your situation’s not that bleak
So you feel you are up a creek
And cannot paddle cuz you’re weak
You think that you look like a freak
Perhaps you do – just call it chique
Everybody needs a tweak
No need to fear public critique
So what is it you really seek?
How many more words must you speak
Before you turn the other cheek?
Who inherits the world? It is the meek
What is it that you’re trying to prove?
What mountain are you trying to move?
How many words must you receive
Before you really do believe
That you have never been alone?
No one needs to hear you groan
You’ve made your trials too well known
It’s long past time that you postpone
Your daily email microphone
Come back to the quiet zone

I looked at me and then I said
To myself ‘how’s your head?
Me said fine, I said good
I got some words I think I should
Me said “stop”
I said “my turn, bad cop
Now if I might speak in my defense
I’ve only tried to make some sense
Out of a life that’s been intense
I’m not whining with laments
But It’s been hard to walk this fence
Each step has a consequence
A small mistake could be immense
This creates natural suspense
I’m not seeking compliments
I’m just trying to dispense
A few words as my evidence
That only hope makes any sense
I don’t think that’s a false pretense
Myself looked at me As if somehow I were truly dense
But me said “Here is what I would suggest
Take a break, get some rest
Try some decaf, it won’t killya
You say you will but you won’t, willya?
And As long as you are wide awake
You may as well shake and bake
Soon you can apply the brake
Til then you do what it takes
And if it helps to share your heartache
Just keep it real, don’t be a fake
That’s one thing no one can take”
I agreed and smiled a smile I hoped that me would not mistake
Then me myself & I sat down
had us a piece of coffee cake
With a triple shot for goodness’ sake
Then waited for the dawn to break
Peace with yourself is good to make
It’s always worth the time you take
Especially when your heart’s at stake