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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 29 Needle-in-Head-Prayer

(david m. bailey)
December 15, 2008
david m. bailey
d. Help me God!! – it hurts like hell!
G. david, you’re alive and well
d. Good grief, Lord, what are you sayin’?
You can’t imagine all this pain
G. Actually , david, yes I can
Pain, I can understand
d. You never had a needle in your head!
G. You’re right – I had thorns instead
And david, if I do recall
Those thorns weren’t meant to help at all
Take some comfort in the fact
Your needles are a healing act
In the hands of those who care
About you more than they should dare
So sorry, david, if I don’t
Pity you – and I won’t
d. I said it’s not pity I’m looking for
Just compassion – nothing more
G. In that case your search must be done
It looks like you’re drowning in it, son.
I’ve been hearing from all your friends
They’ve been bugging me for days on end
Asking Me to lift you up,
Hold you tight, fill your cup
Keep you strong for this fight
Prayers come at me day and night
I’ve even heard from the silent types
And folks who normally only gripe
So just in case you couldn’t tell
Everyone seems to want you well
Thousands of persistent widows
I would have thought by now it shows
Because I have honored their love for you
Deep in your heart, you know that’s true
I’m sorry for your pain today
I wish there were another way
But I have held you close to me
And I won’t let go just wait, you’ll see
If you haven’t noticed it already
Your head is better, your hand is steady
So hang tough kid, you’re almost there
On a wing and countless prayers
Now, if you want my advice
I think it would be awfully nice
If you took the time to write
To all your friends again tonight
And let them know I heard their pleas
Many from upon their knees
Folks are awfully fond of you
Keep on, son, cuz I am too.
*Humbled, once again I was
Humbled, once again because
I was a bundle of raw nerves
But I knew I did not deserve
The kind of grace I have received
I doubted some of what I believed
But God is good, all the time
And so are you, my friends online
And to all of you I have yet to meet
Know your support is sweet
The needle’s gone – but it will come back
Then we’ll bury it in a big haystack.

With all my heart, thank you.