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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 24 The Descent

(david m. bailey)
December 11, 2008
Now that the hard part's over
The harder part begins
Every book has a chapter
About the could -have beens
It's like climbing a mountain
The summit ain't the end
You're only half-way there
You still gotta descend
When the adrenaline is gone
When you're not on your guard
That's when you make mistakes
That's when you fall down hard
It's like running a race
And getting close to the end
You know the finish line
Is just around the bend
So close you can taste it
But still so far away
You gotta choose to keep on
Just for another day
One step at a time
Until you're finally there
You're gonna cross that line
With the cross you bear
But until you do you must not forget
Close is good but you're not there yet
So dig down deep, hang on tight,
Everything is gonna be all right
You gotta pass another test
After that you can take a rest
Then as you resume your quest
remember how much you are blessed
You made it to the mountain top
You did not quit you did not stop
The view was great and now it's time
To head on down the other side
When you reach the valley floor
You'll know what you did it for
There could be so much more in store
For this tired troubadour.
But first things first; grab the rope
Never let go of your hope
It will get you safely down
Off this mountain to the ground
Then do not fail to say a prayer
For all the ones who got you there
With their love and their relentless care
I will not fail -- I'm well aware
It's love that's been beyond compare
Love I hope to always share.
Thank you friends for being there.
Your constant and intensive care
Was here and there and everywhere
The finish line is just right there
Soon I'll be where I belong
And I will sing a brand new song.