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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 26 The Good

(david m. bailey)
December 13, 2008
david m. bailey
So I think this world has more pain than it should
And sometimes you know it’s hard to see the good
That comes from a man who looks hard every day
For moments that suggest a better way
And after all the searching I have done
Dancing with my doubts under the sun
My conclusions boil down to this
Words I sometimes wish I could dismiss
Good ain’t something that you have to see
To know that it exists eternally
Like you can’t see the wind but you know it blows
And you can’t see God when He’s right under your nose
You just gotta trust what your heart knows
And that, my friends is just the way it goes
As for me I trust that good is there
Even when I cannot see it anywhere
Turned on the tv to watch the morning news
The anchor man was laughing at his blues
I thought he for one does not share my curse
No, but he might face something much worse
Everything ain’t always what It seems
Things are obvious when they’re extreme
But life has a more subtle kind of grace
If you can just find that peaceful place
You can see the world and see its pain
And still decide that each day is a gain
Know that good will triumph in the end
I’m not asking anybody to pretend
Just declaring what I believe is true
And I hope for your sake that you can too.
And I pray that good will find its way to you
And if it doesn’t look like what you thought it should
Never you mind. Celebrate the good.