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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 16 The Plan and the Pillars

(david m. bailey)
December 6, 2008
david m. bailey
Two weeks, two days and the scar still hurts like hell
I know that it is healing but sometimes it’s hard to tell
Sometime Monday morning I’ll be back under the knife
You do what you gotta do when you want to save your life
Then I’ll hang around there about a dozen days
They’re gonna test me and scan me about 35 ways
It’s all in preparation for the big event
A kind of liquid radiation – mean as hell- but heaven sent
This is very similar to what I had before
Similar, but better; they really do know more
I’m not exactly sure when I’m gonna leave
Right now the schedule says I get the stuff on Christmas Eve
My first thought was ‘that sucks! Christmas Eve? Give me a break!
But deep down I knew to think that way was a mistake
First of all, if I’m there then, others must be too
Folks with families and friends and better things to do
Plus, this treatment ain’t exactly your standard cup of tea
It’s nearly impossible– but they got it for me
For me, an angel army turned the world on its head
Gradually dismay gives way to something else instead
As the dust has settled, three pillars do remain
Each one stands tall and true and each one has a name
The first one and clearly the biggest of the three:
The pillar of love will never ever fail me
The second one, more slender, but still at least as strong
The pillar of hope lets me sing another song
The third one, the pillar of faith completes the set
They’re ready for the roof; but I am not quite yet
See, I knew something was missing; it just took a little time
To make my head and heart finally get in line
It’s coming back and I can feel it like wind beneath my wings
It’s a simple thing called gratitude and it changes everything
Grateful for my family, grateful for my friends
Grateful to our God for a world that has no end
Grateful to my church and for a thousand meals
Grateful for all the cards – with or without the Starbucks seal 
But now it gets much harder, now the rubber meets the road
Can I still be grateful when my soul wants to explode?
Every single second? Maybe not, but I will try
If nothing else, it might make a few folks wonder why
Grateful for the needles, the nurses and the drugs
Grateful for the bruises and the stitches and the hugs
Grateful for the doctors, the interns and the staff
Grateful for the unexpected things that make me laugh
It takes a little practice, but deep down it feels good
Gratitude lets you win more than you thought you could
Pour it deep in your foundation, make it part of who you are
Then watch the whole world change just like the healing of a scar.