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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 20 The Wait is Over

(david m. bailey)
Dear lord if it be Thy will
Please take this cup I’ve had my fill
No, I don’t wanna drink no more
I’m weary to my very core
Folks tellin me there is a reason
For the bitter of this season
Maybe so, but I have my doubts
Some things you just cannot work out
Now I don’t wanna get morose
But damn if I ain’t getting close
I woulda gone there long ago
‘Cept I believe the things I know
That time’s a gift and hope is real
No matter how crappy you feel
It’s more than just platitudes
This is a war of attitudes
On points I’ve got a slender lead
But to win I know I’m gonna need
A healthy dose of fire and spit
Blood, sweat, and a lotta grit
False starts can wear you down
Drag you cross the rocky ground
Til you start to wonder why you bother
You call out to your heavenly father
And in the middle of the thunder
You begin to cease to wonder
Yes the fight can wear you down
But hope still makes her brilliant sound
They’re gonna drill a hole into my head
I’d be lying if I said I did not dread
Every second that awaits
I hate this dancing with the fates
But soon enough this too shall pass
This gigantic pain in my ass.
Sorry if that sounded crass
I’ll see you all on the other side
Until then, Faith is on deep and wide
That’s right, Hope is is deep and wide
Love is always deep and wide
It’s brought us this far; we won’t hide.
Love the time and enjoy the ride
Be strong and let this love abide