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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Ode to English

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
We call them pamper
You call them nappies
You say you’re spiffing
We just say happy
Yo call thm chips
We call them fries
Ttuth br told, I don’t know why
You call them crisps
We call thEAAAm Chips
What a funny verbal flip
We say elevator
YOU call it a liftWhen I go to England
My brain has to shift
We call th mony pounds
You call them quid
Almodt bought a dictionary
Now I wish I did
We say ‘man’
You say ‘mate
Don’t ask m how these words equate

yOu ay brilliant
we say cool
Somehow that makes me feel like a fool

You say lovely
We say sweet
Love how ou two worlds meet
You ssay football
We say soccer
Tell me who’ the real talker?
We say garbage
You say litter
So I”ll keep asking or translation
From the people in your nation
Yes, I love the folks in this land
Even those I don’t understand
An I can’t waif t to return
I’ve got so many more words to learn
Til then, here’s something good to say
Luv u lots, one more day