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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

New Friends

(david m. bailey)
November, 2008
david m. bailey
It doesn’t happen very often
Once, maybe twice your whole life long
You meet someone you feel you already know
The words may be unclear but you’re sure you’ve heard the song
When it happens it can feel a little strange
Like part o you you can’t believe it’s true
Deep down you feel there is something you should say
I guess that’s why I’m saying it to you
Thank you fo being part of my life
Thank you for calling me a friend
It is a gift I will treasure in my heart
And as long as I live it’s a treasure I will spend

Because some things are mean to be held on to
While some things should be given away
But the love that comes from a friend
Should be both held and given everyday

Yeah, friendship always makes you both a little stronger
With a friend you can face anything just a little longer
Ask anyone who’s been through a bit of stormy weather
yeah, Friendship makes you both a little better
Thank you fo being part of my life...