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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

The Chat

(david m. bailey)
December 8, 2008
david m. bailey
I said “Hello Lord it’s me. I’m back for another chat
No big scary questions – I know we’ve covered that
No, I just have a couple smaller items to review
Shouldn’t take too long – but I guess that’s up to you.”
God said “david, what on earth would ever make you think
Your big questions would scare me? Throw the kitchen sink!”
I said Lord, let me put it his way:
I know You’re a God of grace
But can you be a God of harmony
When things fall out of place?
Can you reorganize the universe?
Can you fill black holes with light?
Can you somehow convince me
Everything will be all right?
“Convince you?!” God exclaimed like a bolt out of the blue
“Sure, I could do that– if I really wanted to
But I don’t think that being convinced is what you need
I mean, was it not enough that I sent my boy to bleed?
If that could not convince you nothing will - guaranteed
What is it exactly that you need me to force feed?
Silly Me, I thought you kind of were enjoying your free will
Maybe you just need a little time to be still.”
I sat there for a second, I thought about His words.
I concluded that the things I’d said had not really been heard
So with a bold kind of ignorance spoken best by fools
I raised my voice and told the Lord “You’re twisting all the rules!”
This is not about whether I believe in You
By virtue of this chat it should be clear I do
God said “I know that you believe – but do you really trust?
I said “God, give me a break! I’m trying ! God said “You must.”
I said “I just have simple questions I hoped that You would answer
It’s not like I am asking the reason for my cancer
But I do wanna know that it’s gonna be ok
I got more things I wanna do: I really wanna stay
I really wanna know there will be another day
God said “It looks to me as though you are on your way
The sun will be a-rising in just a few more hours
What you do when it does is just outside my powers
But I can tell you this: if you put your trust in Me
Your questions will begin to find that missing harmony
Because yes, I am that God – the only one you need.”
I smiled when I realized I totally agreed
And my questions? They began ever so gently to recede
So I said “thank you for the chat Lord, but I gotta let you go
I’ve got a busy day ahead; I trustthat’s something You already know”