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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 17 The Tapestry

(david m. bailey)
December 7, 2008
Day 17 The Tapestry
I’m learning to love the time - all over again
Doing it with the help of a few thousand friends
You have been reminding me that some things I’ve said are true
That hope is still alive and it matters what you do
Ain’t a single soul who has not hit a bump in the road
And though it takes its toll, you carry on with your heavy load
Now and then another traveler catches up and comes around
Walks along beside then picks you up when you fall down
We call those strangers angels – but soon they are much more
Each one becomes a thread in your tapestry of hope
And before too long you realize that you too play a part
There is a stranger up ahead who has fallen down with a broken heart
The choice will be clear – will you stop or will you not?
I’d like to say I would - but having given it some thought
I am keenly aware that there’s a chance I wouldn’t
I’d come up with all the reasons to convince myself I couldn’t
But then again, I might remember all the kindnesses you’ve shown
And recall that none of us can do this on our own
I might learn to pay it forward. Lord, I hope I can
For that would help make pain something we all could understand
So you see, my friends, someday, someone may be lifted up
Because of what you’ve done for me and how you’ve filled my cup
And so the stone is dropped; so the ripple spreads
As you and I are tied together- 2 more beautiful threads.