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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Day 3 Scared

(david m. bailey)
December 5, 2008
david m. bailey
A chilly Winter afternoon beneath a cloudy sky
I thought of all the stuff we fear and began to wonder why
We’re scared of cancer, scared of terror
Scared we won’t have enough to share
Scared of Mad Cow, scared of lead
Scared one day we’ll wind up dead
Scared of doctors, scared of priests
Don’t know who we’re scared of least
We’re scared of gangs, scared of punks
Scared of drugs, scared of drunks
Scared of the dark, scared of the light
Scared of the left, scared of the right
We’re scared of cons and scared of cops
Scared someone has a bomb to drop
Scared of Arabs, Chinese too
scared of folks who don’t look like you
We’re scared of crowds and speaking out
Scared of all the things we doubt
We’re scared of being all alone That one scares us to the bone
And what I find extremely odd is
Some of us are scared of God
We’re scared of fire, scared of smoke
Scared that heaven’s just a joke
We’re scared of war, scared of peace,
Scared or fears will never cease
We’re scared of earth and scared of hell
Scared that God is scared as well
Scared of spiders, scared of AIDs
Scared all the mistakes we made
We’re scared of what we cannot see
I’m scared of you, You’re scared of me
We’re scared of hope and scared of truth
Scare of age and scared of youth
We’re scared of what we can’t explain
Scared of things that cause us pain
Things like love and loss and lies And dreams we never realize
Scared no one will hear our cries Scared enough that we don’t try
Scared we’ll have to say goodbye
Lord Almighty, I’ve had enough
Is anyone tired of being scared of stuff?
I’m trying to hear somebody say
Child Do Not Be afraid
That would be an awesome change
Sounds so sweet it’s almost strange
That would be a holy voice Could it be that fear’s a choice?
Look behind door number two: Love is waiting there for you.