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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

DAY 15 Hours Go By

(david m. bailey)
December 4, 2008
david m. bailey
I love the way the sunrise always seems to take her time
We race to meet the morning as she makes her patient climb
I bet she thinks it’s funny, all the hurrying we do
Probably wonders why none of us have thought it through

Cuz the hours only go by 1 hour at a time
They are meant to be enjoyed like a rare and classic wine
If you guzzle up the minutes or inhale them like a gas
The day will be long gone before you even know it passed

Then the days will turn to weeks and the weeks will turn to years
You’ll look back on your life through far too many tears
And you’ll wonder where it went, ask how it was spent
But I’m telling you right now you already know how
Your life will have been spent the same as all lives are
One hour at a time, each 1 quick as a shooting star
So, my friends, I’m begging you; take a look around
This very hour that you are in has tried to make a sound
It’s been calling out your name; it’s been trying to see your face
It’s been waiting your whole life to feel your embrace
So grab it, hold it, cherish it, never let it go
Then close your eyes and whisper all the things you think you know
And if, when you are done, the hour has passed too
Rejoice and hear the song of life that’s sung to you