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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

DAY 14 A Few Words of Wisdom

(david m. bailey)
December 4, 2008
david m. bailey
Fix your roof while the sun is shining
- One day u know it's gonna rain
Never stop counting your blessings
It helps give perspective to your pain
Learn the ropes, guard your hopes.
Paddle your own canoe
Don't get in the way of who you're meant to be
Do what you love and love what you do
Exercise your imagination
Never lose the child in your heart
Take your time when you turn a corner
Treat each day like a brand new start
Plan your work and work your plan
Always try to give more than you take
Dream big, learn to fall
Don't disregard the value of mistakes
Be slow to anger, then let it die fast
Remember from where it is you came
Try to be the first to forgive
Understand more than you can explain
Enjoy the journey as much as the stay
Enjoy the moment as much as the day
Remember ever good has a better
Remember every bad has a worse
Remember every castle has a dungeon
Learn that every blessing has a curse
Get up long before the dew is gone
Take each and every day as it comes
Sing your song in the dead of night
If you can't recall the words you can always hum
Make sure your backbone is stronger than you wishbone
Be flexible, be curious, be daring, be bold
Be smart, be careful And by all means,
take your sweet time getting old
Aim high, live out loud
Don't believe everything you hear
Everybody has every right to be wrong --
And everything looks different through tears
There are at least two sides to every story
Who the hero is can be hard o tell
Bad things happen to good people
But good folks can do bad things as well
Remember that hate will always kill your soul
And revenge is never worth your while
Love people more than they deserve
And when you don't know what to say, just smile
It's not enough to learn your lesson
you gotta learn not to forget it
Take a chance when you think you need to
-- And if it don't work out -- don't regret it
If you don't run, you won't trip but you might not arrive
Try not to lose your sense of humor
Laughter helps to keep your heart alive
Dare your soul to go beyond that which you can see
Then find the faith to know that the best is yet to be
At least it's always seemed that way to me
Yeah, the best is yet to be