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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

DAY 11 Same Song Different Verse

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
Sun came up again, just like I hoped it would
But still, I had a question that did my soul no good
So I poured a cup of coffee and I called out to the Lord
He showed up and said hello, though I thought He looked a little
I said "Lord, why do bad things happen?
He said "Oh please, we've covered this before."
I said 'yeah, but the question keeps returning."
He said "so do I - if you're keeping score."
In fact, I promised I would never leave you
And if you look, you'll see I never have
Now tell me again; what was your question?
I looked at God and said 'don't make me laugh.'
'You know exactly what my question is --
Let me tell you what I'm starting to think
Maybe even You don't know the answer
And You being God, that would really stink
Well, God kinda let my comment hang there
Then He looked at me, patient and amused
He said 'david, I'm especially fond of you
So of course I'm not surprised if you're confused
If you really want to know why bad things happen
First you have to look at all the good
When you start to compare, you'll see imbalance there
And what is it you'd change if you could?
Truth is, I didn't know what to say
So I pretended that I didn't understand
I started making noise about my question
Until I saw God hold up His hand
He said, 'so here's the answer to your question:
Bad things happen cuz they do.
The question is will you let me help?
That answer is always up to you
I said Lord; you're only leaving me with questions
He said maybe so, maybe not
Sometimes the question is the answer
Why don't you go give that one some thought
And meanwhile, remember that I love you
And will be with you as you work it out
Won't be long before we talk some more
Of that, my son, I truly have no doubt
By now I was half-way through my coffee
Suddenly I began to smile
After all this talk my cup was still half-full
I'm thinking that it has been all the while