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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

DAY 10 Brick by Brick

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
Day 11 in recovery
Brick by brick, I’m gonna build this wall
Build it strong so that it won’t fall
Step by step, just like before
First the wall, then the floor
After one, gonna build 3 more
Raise the roof, then add a door
Put in a window, let in the light
Gotta take the time to do it right
Must believe it’s worth the wait
We’ll come together and celebrate
Make some coffee, light a fire
I’ll play guitar until we all tire
Then we can laugh about our concert hall
But first; I gotta build this wall.
Brick by brick, it can seem so slow
But that’s the only way to go
It could be big but it’s gotta start small
Thank you for helping me me as I build this wall