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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

DAY 2 pity party

(david m. bailey)
November 23, 2008
david m. bailey
writtn in Duke hospital during recovery from brain surgery
Beat up, wrung out, hung up to dry
I know. everybody feels that way from time to time
I'd invite you to my pity-party but there's only room for one
So me and my circumstances, we gonna have some fun
Yeah, we'll talk about the woulda-beens and talk about the coulda-beens
We'll even get indignant about the stupid shoulda-beens.

Well hey, even the greatest juggler drops a ball or two
The question still remains what then does one do?
this ball got too heavy and I dropped it for a sec
Good a time as any to do a little check
God knows I ain't superman
Never claimed to be
But must confess this was a test
I thought was far behind me.
Now, dragons have a way of creeping up on you
Giving you some time to figure out what you will do.
But demons are a different beast and catch you unawares
They sting the soul and make fear become your only care
DAMN those demons and the speed at which they fly
You think they're gone but then they're back to spit into your eye.
Well it’s taken me some time but here’s one thing I know.
A party full of only pity simply cannot grow
Even the wildest demons get bored and turn away
It’s midnight now but soon is gonna come a brand new day
And anyway deep down I’ve known it from the start
It’s a complicated matter since it’s a matter of the heart
Party’s over. Wrap it up. We got better things to do.
Life goes on; so will I; and thank God, so will you.

David m. bailey 11-23-08 Durham, NC