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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Swedish Eyes

(david m. bailey)
November 2, 2008
Goteburg, 2008
I went to the place
Where the hands are cold and the hearts are warm
Where smiling seems to be the norm
Where the coffee's strong And the sun is weak
Couldn't understand the words they speak
But now and then you don't' need words
What's understood is not what's heard
The language spoken by the eyes
You can understand in any land
And Swedish eyes I will remember
One chilly day in November
Eyes of happiness and sorrow
Looking for a better tomorrow
Just like mine, I suppose
what others see nobody knows
But if what I feel actually shows
If eyes really do reveal the soul
I hope they saw how I felt whole
Said my goodbyes at the station
To the people of that nation
What I saw in the eyes of one
Made me remember why I"d come
Hope is precious, hope is strong
Hope is worth another song
Just be sure your eyes are open
Then with all your heart Keep on hoping