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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Freshwater Bay

(david m. bailey)
October 30, 2008
david m. bailey
on my visit there in october 08
An Arctic blast swept over the mainland
I caught the ferry to the Isle of Wight
Twas a journey I"d been waiting my whole life to make
U Sshoulda heard my heart beating as the island came in sight
A dozen windy roads and 3 pubs later I stood alone in Freshwater Bay
The old church and he graveyard were calling out my name
Saying 'welcome son -- we too have waited for this day.'
The father of my father of my father Was resting 6 feet underground
HIs daughter, the mother of my father Grew up in this small seaside
After she was older and had traveled far and wide
She returned to these hallowed grounds to wed
As I walked down the aisle she once walked as well
I could hear her talking in my head
'david you are blessed -- now be a blessing
To all those you have yet to meet
Remember from where I is you've come
And always let that memory be sweet.
Always give more than is deserved
Always take less than you need Carry this moment in your heart
Let it be bread on which your memory can feed
And in such a way I always will be with you
As my dear, I have always been someday we will be reunited
But for now you have a new day to begin
Exercise the fine art of kindness
Never let your imagination die
I know that you cherish those around you
And in case you were wondering -- so do I"
The sun came up just like she said it would
In the shadow of the old church I did stroll
Past the graves of her parents Into the Red Lion next door
Rarely had I ever felt so whole
It's one thing to hear all the stories It's another to see with your
own eyes
In the town known as Freshwater Bay
I crossed the finish line -- and love was the prize
I'd like to think I left a part of me behind - Maybe even more than I
If so, then someday, my childrens' children's children
Can visit me here and know just where to look