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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

A a New Garden

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
You and I used to look In the same direction
You and I need to try to make a few corrections

I know you see things your way I know I see things mine
Could it be that both of us Are just a little blind

If you put yourself in my shoes And I put myself in yours
Maybe we would find ourselves On a different course

God knows I ain’t perfect But then neither are you
Perhaps our imperfections cover up what’s true

There was a time when we believed Love would be enough
And after all these years through the good times and the rough
We’re starting to discover there is so much more we need
Love is a beautiful garden But every garden has its weeds

So let’s pull up the thorns of bitterness and spite
Let go of all the vines that wrap around who’s wrong and right
There are far too many flowers trying hard to bloom
Maybe they can make it if we just give them some room

Then again, maybe the time has come
To give it up, walk away and learn to start again
Maybe we could til new ground and start over as friends
Maybe not, but maybe so and maybe until then

Maybe we can start to look again in the same direction
And share a brand new vision surrounded by affection

Maybe we can learn to walk together side by side
We might not make it home but we might enjoy the ride

I’m willing if you are – I’ve laced up both my shoes
You don’t even have to walk in them – I will carry you.