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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
October, 2006
david m. bailey
Sally wasn’t trying to be a hero
Just figured it was time to make a change
Friday afternoon she walked out of the office
Monday morning felt extremely strange Now she’s

Fragile, like the first note of a brand new song
Fragile. Wondering if she was wrong
Fragile, Not sure she knows where she belongs
So fragile

Lookin in from the outside
Don’t know what to say
Storms will come every day
But even hurricanes go away
You just learn what it takes o be strong
Don’t have to be fragile very long

Billy had everything he wanted
He really had no reason to complain
One day he got up, then went right back to bed
A fear in his heart he could not explain – now he’s

Fragile, like the last verse of a lonely song
Fragile, wondering if he’ll see the dawn
Fragile, not sure he knows where he belongs
So Fragile.. CH

Diane didn’t plan on being single
She married and had children of her own
Time passed by, so did her loved one
Now she and the children are alone and they’re

Fragile, like the chorus of a forgotten song
Fragile, wondering how they’ll carry on
Fragile, no sure they know where they belong
So Fragile…CH