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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

I Had a Friend

(david m. bailey)
April, 1999
david m. bailey
We’d start with two cups of coffee
And conversation without end
In the days we had together
In the days I had a friend

We took a trip out to the left coast
On Alcatraz we heard the men
A Day I always will remember
A day I knew I had a friend

And when they found me ‘neath the weather
When Time was all I had to spend
Fortune smiled upon me gently
Because I knew I had a friend

When I was weary from the struggle
When my heart was on the mend
It was a time to thank the good Lord
More than hope, I had a friend

Trouble has a thousand faces
Always waiting ‘round the bend
They never really slowed me down
I always knew I had a friend
There ain’t a whole lot in this lifetime
Upon which you can depend
But I always had a firm foundation
At least I had a friend

It’s not a gift that you can measure
Love is hard to comprehend
I can tell you ‘cause I’ve been there
Because, you see, I had a friend

They say that nothing lasts forever
Except the world without end
I guess I’ll tell him when I get there
I am a friend