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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Moment in the Sun

(david m. bailey)
March, 1994
david m. bailey
Well we wanted to paint the town red, But it turned out pink
And we wanted to find the answers But we didn't know how to think
So i tried to kill my feelings, But then i went & let my heart ache
Well if you can't break your own rules, Tell me, whose can you break.

So we went down under the boardwalk
Sat on the sand and listened to the waves
My soul was dancing on the edge of the horizon
I would have jumped over but i wasn't that brave

A man goes through a lot in a lifetime
Just variations on a timeless theme
Michael sat up, looked at the moon and said
The more a man knows the less he is believed

Then silly Susan took off her shirt
And she started to run towards the waterline
She said it was more than just being crazy
She wanted to touch the passing of time

Phil pulled out a bottle of red wine
Andy lit a fire and i played guitar
It was a moment in the sun for everyone
And when the bottle was empty we counted the stars

And we were so young, and we were so free
And we were so naive, well it wasn't a bad way to be
And we had no shining heroes we were just soldiers of the sun
Question after question and the mysteries of life had just begun

And we carried the wounds of a thousand poison arrows
Laughed at the wind and cried with the rain
A secret rendezvous with a twisted misfortune
Taught us how to laugh and cry with the pain

And the things we learned were things nobody told us
Like how love can put so much of you at stake
Everything i learned i tossed back int he ocean
If you can't break your own rules, whose can you break.

With clouds in her eyes, Jackie turned to me and smiled
She was less than a lover, more than a friend
She told me that searching was all that really mattered
Cause the answers just made you question things again

So we closed our eyes and slid down the rainbow
Landed pretty hard on the other side of youth
Five years later we just a little wiser But we're not any closer to what we thought was truth

And we were so young….